Bait & Switch

This SCAM is still going on in every major market area. The state of Oregon is actively addressing this tactic, but they are still under staffed to police this worst of all scams. In the carpet business the bait & switch works like this: A dealer advertises a carpet completely installed for only $13.99/sq yd including padding. The dealer may lie in the ad and even say the regular price was $39.99/sqyd installed. If you are from earth, you know this is just too good to be true. However there will be enough people who will believe this ad and visit the advertiser. The dealer just accomplished his goal of getting you in his store. You ask to see the $13.99 installed carpet, and he shows you this sleazy rag that you wouldn’t install in your garage. You ask about the quality and you are told that its not very good, but lady, what did you expect for only $13.99 installed. The dealer now shows you some other “quality” carpets for considerably more money. THAT’S IT. BAIT AND SWITCH. The larger dealers tend to advertise loss leaders in order to get you in their store. There is a fine line between “bait and switch” and loss leaders. Many loss leaders use the ad that states “Three rooms of carpet completely installed for LOW PRICE!”