This fiber is known as SMARTSTRAND (trademark) when marketed by Mohawk. Mohawk recently received FTC apporval to market this fiber under its own class. This PTT fiber will now be know as TRIEXTA. In the future you will see more about this name change. This fiber is even stronger than PET polyester, and has better colorfastness and cleanability features than PET. PTT is as colorfast as solution dyed nylon. This fiber is extremely soft, and yet behaves better than staple nylon, especially in a shag construction. If you have kids and pets, and are going to be in the home more than 10 years, PTT is a good choice; especially the 3GT Sorona Dupont Polymer offered in some Mohawk carpets. I have not had a comsumer complaint on this fiber in the eight years I have been selling it. By the way, PTT is just one step away chemically from 4GT polymer that is used to make tough auto parts. Triexta will indeed be a fiber for the future. The newest triexta is called “silk” and is the softest fiber on the planet. Lookout Stainmaster!

This just in;  Smartstrand is now treated with “Forever Clean” ™.  This new process stops the fiber from absorbing oils from pets, bare feet, food spills etc. This was the one complaint some people had about the fiber.  Now Triexta Smartstrand with Forever Clean is the most advanced carpet fiber on the planet.

Recently there have been complaints about some forms of this fiber.  It seems that the new “silk” version of this fiber (Marketed by Mohawk), is difficult to vacuum with most older style vacuums that have rotating brushes and are not adjustable.  Be sure to ask your dealer about this, and he may be able to suggest a vacuum that will work easier.   We have discovered that the super soft fibers (not just Smartstrand) can have this vacuum issue.  Thus, if you want a super soft carpet, a tank type vacuum may be in your future.