Fiber Ripoff

You were told that the carpet on the roll in the showroom was made of Stainmaster nylon. You made your purchase and had it installed. A couple of months go by and you notice that the carpet appears to be staining more than you thought it should. You call the dealer, but they just say you’re a poor house keeper. At last you call Stainmaster (Invista), (1-800-4- DUPONT) and you give then the “name” of the carpet you had installed. To your surprise you are told that the “name” you gave them is not a Stainmaster carpet. You remembered that you never saw a sample with the Stainmaster Logo on it, but were told by the salesperson that the roll of carpet you looked at was a Stainmaster nylon carpet. If your invoice does not say Stainmaster Nylon pile on it, then you’ve been had, and you have no recourse. Chances are the carpet you bought may not have even been nylon. Sometimes the Stainmaster Logo is printed on the back of the carpet, but more and more mills are not doing this due to some of the ink transferring to the face of the carpet. So make sure your invoice (sales agreement) has fiber identification on it.