Learn more about Frothed Foam

The newest example of this type of pad is made by Shaw Industries Inc. out of Dalton GA. Here are the specs in more detail about this type of cushion.

Type: MFCB A Hi-Density Machanically Frothed Chemically Blown Micro Closed Cell Foam Cushion

Characteristics: The micro cell construction allows each cell to act like a tiny shock absorber. This gives outstanding resilience and support. This pad will NOT bottom out. “MFCB” pad is ideal for the heaviest residential traffic, and can be used over radiant heated floors. In fact, the R rating is so low (1.35) that it takes less energy for warm air to pass through the small cells of the padding. Therefore, floors get warm quickly, and due to the “thermos” effect, stay warm.

Triple Touch Frothed foam pad by Shaw is treated so as to eliminate bacteria growth. This means that if you have a pet spill, and you clean it up, the residue will not breed more bacteria and begin to smell. This also applies to foods like spilt milk etc. Furthermore, Frothed Foam Carpet Cushion will not crumble, or disintegrate like rubber.

One thing I like about this pad is that it can be installed in a way to give the homeowner a moisture barrier between the carpet and the flooring. This keeps liquids (urine, milk, water, wine, soda pop etc.) from reaching the floor and soaking into subfloor. Thus, the the floor does not begin to smell like a litter box. Froth foam also has superior load bearing capability. This means the carpet will not delaminate, will not wrinkle, and will have outstanding appearance retention. What makes Shaw’s froth foam unique is that it is the only pad of its type to use SUNFLOWER oil. This means less use of petroleum products; how “green” it is that! Furthermore, Shaw will warranty this pad for the life of the home.

A note about moisture/vapor barriers in padding. Do not use froth foam pad over concrete unless the concrete is suspended. Concrete gives off water vapor for years, and this vapor needs to excape. Covering with a vapor barrier pad could lead to mold and mildew in some situations. Furthermore, if you have a living room or family room that directly over your home’s “crawl space” , it would be wise not to trap the vapor that wants to evaporate from the earth below. The following picture will give you a general idea of what this pad looks like.

This great pad will not be in every carpet dealer in the country as it is expensive when compared to alternative pads. However, most Shaw Carpet Dealers have the option to purchase it from the mill under the name triple touch padding. It comes in 8 lb and 10 lb versions. I like the 8 lb version, as the 10 lb is too “hard” in my opinion.  This pad should only be used when you know for sure you are going to be in the home for twenty years, and will use the pad again over a new carpet.