Pay Labor Direct – Installation

The most important day in the life of your new carpet is the day it is installed.

The professional carpet installer, or carpet mechanic, is seldom given the respect he deserves. Installing carpet in a residence requires a complex knowledge of people skills, technical ability, craftsmanship, as well as a strong back. If the person who comes to your door looks like kerbo chances are you are not going to get a very good installation.

The most important tool your carpet mechanic will use is the power stretcher! Today’s backings do not allow the use of a knee kicker alone. In fact, if your mechanic does not use a power stretcher, your new carpet will develop wrinkles in less than six months. Gone are the good old days of soft flexible jute backings that can be “Knee Kicked” in. Jute is not often available for carpet backings in this country.

The second most important tool your carpet mechanic will use is his brain. The man who is really a craftsman will be able to visualize the correct layout of your carpet, thereby optimizing the use of seams in your new carpet. His expertise will make sure all the material is running the correct direction. If a salesman tells you that a carpet is non directional, run from this person; he is lying to you.

Note that effective January 1, 2008 mills are requiring carpets to be installed in accordance with CR-105 (the Carpet and Rug Institute’s installation “bible”). Some of the more important features of CR-105 are requiring a power stretcher be used, seams be sealed, and tack strip be properly positioned. There are qualified carpet installers out there. Do your homework.