You shopped for carpet and you found the perfect textured plush for what seems like an exceptionally great price. You happily placed the order with the dealer, and waited for the installers to show up at your door. Two weeks have gone by and you are anxious to have your new carpet installed. When the installers arrive they go right to work removing your old carpet and pad, cleaning the floor, moving the furniture etc. Soon they have the pad installed. The big moment arrives, and the installers roll out the carpet in your driveway to make the necessary cuts off the roll to fit your home. You notice that the carpet does not look as heavy or thick as you remembered . You even mention your concern to the installer, but he just tells you the carpet is crushed from being in the roll. The day passes, and the carpet is now fully installed in your home. You still wonder if it is the thickness you remember, but the carpet does feel good installed over the pad. You think to yourself that the carpet is just crushed from being in the roll. SORRY! You just got RIPPED OFF! Little did you know that the carpet you selected came in three qualities, and what the dealer had done was show you the thicker, and deliver to you the thinner. Thus, this particular dealer just made money dishonestly, and you were the victim. The real idea of a carpet coming in different qualities of the same color is to save you money. Sometimes you can put the more expensive one in the hall, and the cheaper one in the bedroom. Thus, it is in your best interest to work with a dealer you can trust so you won’t have to worry about The Old Switchero.