The Boiler Room

This scam brings a new meaning to telemarketing. The scam goes like this. First a person calls you at home, and explains he is from XYZ Carpet Corp. He says his company does big commercial projects. He may even mention some familiar names like Nike, Coca Cola, Nabisco, or any company his firm has done work for. Of course he has never really done business with those companies; its just part of the scam. He goes on to further explain how his company has leftover carpet from some big job. He explains how you, for a limited time, can take advantage of his incredible offer of carpet at below wholesale prices.

Now you’re hooked. You were thinking of purchasing new carpet anyway so you agreed to let this company send one of their agents out to see you in your home. A guy pulls up to your home in a Lincoln Towncar (you don’t know its a rental) , and he gets out wearing a $3000 suit (rented), and looking like Pierce Brosnan. Once in your home he puts on a show that includes measuring your home with flair, flirting, and showing you samples of carpet he has at “below wholesale” prices. He explains how this carpet is made of “Debulon” the most indestructible fiber ever created. He explains how Debulon is only used in the most expensive commercial jobs because its a fiber difficult to make. He further explains how this fiber will never crush, soil, show traffic, fade, smell, or wear out. You are so impressed you can’t wait to buy. Our sleezball salesman now explains how you need only 62 units of carpet to cover the floor of your living room. He goes on to explain that at $38.00 a unit you are stealing this carpet. What he doesn’t tell you is that a unit is 3 square feet. Remember a sq. yd. has 9 sq. ft. and is how carpet is normally sold. Thus, your carpet job of 62 units of “Debulon” only cost (38 x 62) $2355.00. If you had purchased carpet from reputable dealer, a midlevel carpet could be purchased for $38.00 a sq yd, (including best pad and labor) and would have only cost you $785.00. To add insult to the scam, the salesperson makes you sign an iron-clad contract to have the work done.

In summary, this scam has not happened in the Portland area for some time, but I would be suspicious of any company that offer’s “next day” installation. Be prepared. If you don’t know carpet, know your Carpet Dealer.