Whole House Scam

This involves attracting you to the store by offering “whole house” carpet installation for one low price; usually less than one hundred dollars. Don’t be taken in, as any logic will let you properly conclude that the dealer is making up the labor cost loss by over pricing the cost of the carpet and pad. There is no free lunch; talented craftsmen do not work for free or minimum wage. Also, when you read the “fine print” of these programs, there are heavy extra charges.

This type of advertising is more often seen in the big box stores. For example, Home Depot makes the customer purchase their “special pad” up to $8/sq yd. This eight dollars includes installation of the pad also. Maybe this is how they justify charging so much their pad. Also, in the “disclosure statement”, the customer is responsible for removing the doors. This service is included in most carpet installs by the majority of carpet dealers. This means that the “$97 Install” really is JUST FOR THE CARPET. Furthermore, there is a heavy charge for moving furniture, pull up and disposal of old carpet and pad, and in some cases, even more extras for metals and thresholds. Combine this with the fact that HD must hire installers from companies that pay their installers the lowest wages, and you can see that HD may even be making money on their labor. (see Kerbo)